TPO management and reviews

At BosqMap we can help you organise your TPO data so that you no longer need to spend time with paper files and or incomplete computer based TPO management systems.  All your TPO information can be accessed through one application, giving you a cost effective way of systematically organising TPOs.  Below we give a step by step guide to getting a TPO management system up and running.

Step 1 – adding your TPOs to the BosqMap database

You may already have some TPO information on an existing GIS system, spreadsheet, or database, or you may be working from paper based.  Whichever it is easy to import your data to BosqMap, by either adding to the map (digitising) your paper based records or importing your existing information into BosqMap.  At this stage you need to decide what information and how much of your existing information you wish to import, we usually recommend the following as a minimum:

Table 1 – TPO information

Table 2 – Tree work applications

Step 2 – using BosqMap:

Query about a tree – search by TPO or address



Locate TPO and look at TPO information, photos…





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