BosqMap Forms

BosqMap Forms Version 3 has now been released and has a number of additional features, click here to see what's new

BosqMap Forms is a .mbx program for MapInfo which enables the user to add, view and edit data held in MapInfo tables, simply and easily link tables to other tables and link multiple photos and other files to map-objects and all this through one simple form. 
It is an easy way to give MapInfo users database form and object functionality without the need to link to external databases and can simply and easily be set-up for all types of MapInfo users and can be used to display existing MapInfo tables or can easily design new ones. 

Click here to download a free trial version and sample data.


BosqMap uses dynamic dialog boxes to display data in a standardised format with multiple options for data entry and viewing. It has been designed for use in the office and in the field and simplifies MapInfo data entry and collection and minimises the scope for user error.


BosqMap can display your existing MapInfo tables or can be used to design new and customise existing ones. BosqMap does not modify MapInfo files (other than through the normal save procedure) so can be used in conjunction with other MapInfo applications.

Download a free evaluation version...