BosqMap Ltd can help you survey and manage your tree stock through bespoke software designed by Arboriculturalists for Arboriculturalists.

We can design a bespoke tree management system based on MapInfo and BosqMap Forms to suit your needs which can be added to and expanded at a later date. 

Unlike many competitor products BosqMap runs on MapInfo, one of the world’s leading Geographical Information System software packages and can integrate easily across systems.

From multi-functional computerised tree management systems to tree surveys for hazard assessment or development to TPO reviews and TPO management, we can help. 

We can also undertake tree surveys for you and employ fully qualified arboriculturalists to carry out this work.

If you are a consultant, tree officer or land manager contact us to find out or see below for some of the uses that BosqMap can be put to.

BosqMap Forms for tree surveys

BosqMap Forms is highly customisable giving you complete control over how you manage your trees, it can be used for large and small scale surveys, with high quality maps simply and easily produced.  

It can link trees to photographs, documents and other tables, and has the ability to password protect data along with numerous other features. 

In a few clicks you can have your existing data on a map to start querying and using it. 

BosqMap can be designed by you so that you create your own systems or we can design your system to meet your specifications.

Data is interchangeable with most other GIS and tree management packages so migration is easy.

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TPO management

Would you like to access all your TPO information through one map based application with the ability to check works applications and property details? 

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Tree surveys and management

Are you a consultant, tree officer or land manager?  Are you about to embark on a tree survey of your estate or part of your estate? 

With BosqMap Forms and some initial help from us you can design and implement a system that enables you to survey your trees, evaluate your tree stock, carry-out risk assessments of your chosen methodology, track customer enquiries, works orders, works undertaken and provide an audit trail. 

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Tree surveys for development sites

Do you or your staff routinely undertake tree surveys on development sites? 

Would you like to standardise data collection amongst your employees saving time and money in the office and be able to link your data to your existing CAD based graphics packages?

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